MovieCup 2.0

Show off your cinema knowledge with MovieCup in this trivia game to play between friends.

Are you a true Movie master?

Show off your cinema knowledge with MovieCup, the BEST movie trivia game between friends!


> Play with anyone!
Challenge your friends or play with random movie buffs around the world!

> Pick your favorite playlists in a selection covering all tastes, ages and geographies!
Unlock up to 40 playlists featuring main movie genres, decades, geographies and “best of” collections!

> Watch and Guess Cinema’s best moments!
Play with best movie scenes in cinema’s history!

> Win the CUP over your friends!
Forget long talks about who is the champion! Beat your friends based on all-time scores and get the cup on your profile picture!

> Star your Favorite movie clips!
Add your best movie clips to your list of favorites to watch them again and share them with your friends